All Prophets Are Wrong

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All Prophets Are Wrong is a sound space governed by the capture of particles coming from the background radiation through a Geiger Counter. The random intervals of the radiation detections are linked to an internal random process of the system that hosts them, which generates the wandering of these signals through 9 bells of old clocks. Released from their original function, the bells are no longer obliged to give the hours, but instead, they count the unpredictable rhythm of invisible particles coming from space. Following the capricious occurrence of these particles, the bells can remain silent or be activated, and depending on their order and rhythm, occasionally get into resonance between them. Through that subtle listening layer, those resonances and silences seem to want to talk about another quality of links and stories.

All Prophets Are Wrong belongs to Bruniana project (Little Dramaturgy for Technical Objects)

Bruniana (Rel. To Bruno, Giordano) 1. fem. An indeterminate set of aesthetic-technical objects with emission-listening abilities in order to work with elusive nature signals. Technologically experimental and poetically speculative, they reveal different forces, themes, durations and entanglements.

Production: Huarte Contemporary Art Center. Government of Navarra. Software: vvvv



The idea of ​​a continuity of the universe existed for a long time, where everything was connected in terms of influences,

This continuity was not expressed through consolidated physical unions, but through binding forces from one thing to another, from one body to another.

Nothing existed passive or active in relation to anything else.

Listening to objects means being heard by them.

The All Prophets are Wrong work is built on small changes in that listening:

the natural radiation intervals captured by a Geiger sensor.

Small, fleeting, technologically amplified beats.

About them, we do not know their frequency, intensity and even their desire to happen.

They don’t depend on the human will, nor on algorithmic decisions, but on a strange natural becoming,

almost alien.

The impacts of these micrometeors, resound unpredictably through the prophets, and in their wandering, they build a strange dialogue of living machines and dead natures, where we humans are invited to listen to their parliament.

A dead branch attached to the movement of a robot (a Stewart platform).

It’s a dancing robot. In fact, its software (its mind) is always dancing. But its hardware is linked to its mind in two different states: sleep and wakefulness.

These states occur in random mode.

The robot always receives signals coming from the Geiger sensor, but only interprets them as movement when it is in a waking state.