Dancing Cum Dederit (Bailando una naturaleza muerta)

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/395049655


There was a time when water existed as such. Now it is a particle system simulation. There was a time a tree was alive. Now it’s dead. Vivaldi’s Cum Dederit is one of the most beautiful music ever written. What would happen if its intensity, its beauty, were injected into the movement of a robot that dances a dead branch?

Dancing Cum Dederit is a media installation that explores the aesthetic interdependence between a dead organism and an electronic system. Performing a de-extinction ceremony, it is looking for the result of this symbiosis, where life is claimed in a technological context but from purely aesthetic approaches. In it, a software entity recreates the vision and the listening of a violent waterfall, while Vivaldi’s Cum Dederit is taken to the movement of a robot -to the axis of rotation of a Stewart platform- that dances the pruned and dead branch of a tree.

With a likely ecological collapse in the background, Dancing Cum Dederit’s interface works as a summoning of the sublime exploring the space between fear and fascination, between the natural and the recreated, the powerful and the fragile, between life and death. Listening to the lost voices of a continuum from which it is now disconnected, its artificial imagination pays tribute to the natural immersed in a technological ritual of simulation, music and dance. Trying disturbingly, and surely also fruitlessly, to bring it back to life.