Little Dramaturgy for Technical Objects. Part I

Gyrovagues: Wandering, marginal and undisciplined monks, outside the community and without fixed residence; they lived on the charity and hospitality of others.

Gyrovagvs. Real-time mixed media installation. Shadowed pepper’s ghost with wooden stool and sound.

In a digital culture of apparent, virtual and intangibles realities, of artefacts without soul and disembodied thoughts, Gyrovagvs is located in the unlikely boundary between a spiritual dimension and other purely technological. The nature of this entity inhabits precariously and dramatically on both sides of a mirror, as an intermittent thought or like-quantum game. Shadowed image without body, it could be alive as a consistent perception, or on the contrary, it could remain confined in the physical jail of an optical illusion. In any case, Gyrovagvs claims that reality -and therefore also, everything that overwhelms us- arises from the subtle mix between the fictitious and the real.

Gyrovagus is part of the project Little Dramaturgy for Technical Objects (Grant of Visual Arts. Government of Navarra 2019)