Patxi Araujo (Spain, 1967).

Artist and Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. Departament of Art and Technology.

Being his background the fine arts practice and the experimental animation, since 2008 his work shifts to the territory of the poetics of new-media, as an aesthetic alibi to face the technological-digital. His early works were incursions into the territory of interaction and techno-magic, developing spaces, objects and subjects based on the research of the interface concept. Now his investigation focuses on software entities and physical environments, around the concept of the human and nature through bodies, perceptions and metaphors related to programming, robotics, artificial life or simulation. His work has been recognized and selected in different biennials, festivals and contests of video, animation and new media art.



2020 “All Prophets Are Wrong” Apaindu Space. Pamplona; 2018 “The trained Particles Circus”. Citadel. Pamplona; 2014 “TURBA. Concert in 15 movements for 64 neural oscillators ”. Pamplona Planetarium-BilbaoArte Foundation; 2013 “Ehime Daruma”. Huarte Center for Contemporary Art. Huarte. Navarre; 2009 “Alicia’s tears”. Huarte Center for Contemporary Art. Huarte. Navarre; 2008 “Whose Move Is It?” Exhibition Hall Central Library of the Bizkaia Campus; “Clarke’s 3rd Law”. Citadel. Pamplona; 2005 “Inventarium”. Mixed Pavilion of the Ciudadela, Pamplona; 2004 “Frames”. BBK etxea. Bilbao.



2020 Songs for a Revolution, Tabacalera, Madrid; 2019 LUMEN PRIZE, (London); ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Art Gallery (L.A.) 2018 Life at the Edges, Science Gallery (Dublin); Beauty & the Glitch. Broad Art Museum MSU (Michigan); SHARE PRIZE XI, (Turin), URVANITY. Former Experimental Electronic Art (Madrid) ”Wunderkammer. Utopian objects. ” Faculty of Fine Arts Library. UCM. Madrid; EX5. Galileo Cultural Center. Madrid; Zinetika Festival; 2017 SPLICE 17 Audio Visual Performing Arts Festival, (London); 8th Cairo Video Festival, (Cairo); Teknotrakitana-Encounters-017-Topaketak (Huarte); #Postfuture Athens Digital Arts Festival ADAF (Athens); Media Art ISEA. (Manizales); 2016 Osmosis Audiovisual Media Festival, (Taipei); MEM (Bilbao); Cadavre exquis Okela (Bilbao); International Image Festival XII Media Art Monographic Exhibition (Manizales); MADATAC 07. New Media Art (Madrid); PLAYGROUND AV Festival (Vienna); ROM. Riders on the Mall, (Budapest); Technarte LACDA Los Angeles Center Digital Arts, (Los Angeles). After Cage II and III, Teatro Gayarre Pamplona 2015 Ikersoinu. Malaga Film Festival (Malaga); The Great Machine Festival of Contemporary Creation. (Tárrega). 2013 Creative Room. ASC. Conference Art, City, Science. (Bilbao); “Homeostasis_Lab. The Wrong-New Digital Art Biennale; Enter space. Art, Science and Innovation, (Tenerife). 2011 “Reviewing the Future” Art Futura; 2010 “Manifesta 8. European Biennial of Contemporary Art; Lúmen_EX 2010 Digital Art Awards. University of Extremadura; XII International Biennial of Plastic Arts City of Pamplona. 2009 “In-Sonora V. Sample of Sound and Interactive Art”. (Madrid); “Tabakalera Soinutan / Sounds of Tabakalera”. International Center for Contemporary Culture, Tabakalera. (Donosti-San Sebastián); Caldas Art Museum, (Colombia) 2008 “The house: space and metamorphosis”, Huarte Buldain Foundation; 2007 “Interact 07. 1st Meeting of Interactive Arts of the Basque Country”. Leioa; 2005 Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Video of the Pamplona City Council; 2002 XXIV International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. Spanish Cinema Show. Havana. Cuba; 2001 L´Imagine Leggera. Palermo. Italy; Cidade de Vigo International Video Festival; Medina del Campo Film Week; Alcorcón Video Festival; Minima 2001; International Meetings of TV, Cinema, Video and Novos Medias, Avanca 2001. Portugal; Girona International Film Festival; Badalona International Film Festival; 2000 Montreal Ibero-American Film Festival; Santa Monica Art Center. Barcelona; Minima 2000. Alicante; Vitoria-Gasteiz Audiovisual Festival; Festival of Audiovisual Creation City of Majadahonda; International Film and Video Festival Voladero 2000. Monterrey. Mexico; VII Ciudad Real Video Festival; IX Festival of Audiovisual Creation of Navarra; VI Alacant-Video Video Creation Festival; 1997 I Festival of Audiovisual Creation of Navarra; 1996 IV National Prizes for Engraving. Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving. Marbella; 1990 Navarrese painters and sculptors. Navarra Museum. Pamplona; 1989 V Pamplona-Young Artists Contest; I Biennial of Plastic Arts of the Faculties of Spain. Tenerife; 1988-1987 IV Pamplona-Young Artists Contest.




2019 Final Selection LUMEN PRIZE, (London); 2018 1st Prize EX for experimental electronic art IV. (Madrid); Final Selection SHARE PRIZE XI, (Turin); 2015 1st Prize of Video ÓNIX-Lumínico, (Mexico); 2001 1st Prize for Animation “Medina del Campo Film Week”; Special Mention of the Jury at the “Alcorcón Video Festival”; 1st Prize for Video Creation at the “Vitoria Audiovisual Festival”; Special Mention of the Jury “Girona International Film Festival”; 1st Prize for Video Creation “Badalona International Film Festival”






Collection of Contemporary Art Pamplona City Council.

Caja Navarra Foundation.

Navarra Museum